Qnode Blockchain

It's Decentralized. Secured. Fast. and Incentivized Blockchain

The Qnode Blockchain is built to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), ran by it’s subset of users, which provides a Proof of Work functionality (mining) and a Proof of Service functionality called “master-nodes”. The currency can permits privacy of transactions.

Coin Specifications

QnodeCoin is an open source PoW (X11) based cryptocurrency with MIT License, built for vendors use for p2p digital payments and mining only, while we explore for other utilities.

Coin name: QnodeCoin
Ticker symbol: QNC
Algorithm: PoW (X11)
Starting B-Reward: 50 QNC

MN collateral: 20,000 QNC
Total Supply: 24,624,000 QNC
Subunits: 0.000000001 Nodelet
RPC/P2P Port: 20611 / 20612

Block Halving: Every 210,240 BH
Blockshare: 55%(MN); 35%(Mining)
Super Block: 10% (Treasury)
Avg. Block Per Day: 288 blocks

Chain Features

Instant Send

Qnode Instant send speeds ups your transactions in less than 2-3 seconds of execution, with just 2 blocks confirmation to ledger.

Private Send

Qnode Private Send gives you true financial privacy by obscuring the origins of your funds with at-least two users tx without loss.

Low Fees

The fees to transact QnodeCoin are very low, making them suited for a wide range of use cases such as point-of-sale transactions.

PoSe (MN)

Proof of Service functionality provides high-level security as masternode service.


Qnode Core interoperability was developed to permit blockchain iteration to selected DEXES


QnodeCoin is an X11 fork with high security and Privacy encryption for anonymity. Privacy is security