QnodeCoin is now available on WAVES WALLET for Dex Trading and Mobile Storage via the GATEWAY

QnodeCoin is now available on WAVES WALLET for Dex Trading and Mobile Storage via the GATEWAY

Qnode is an open source cryptocurrency built with the goal of vendors usage for p2p digital payments. It is an alternative currency, deployed with the X11 algo.

CoreWallet & Paper (v2.0)

Distribution Report

Exchanges & Hubs

Key Features

Instant Send

Qnode Instant send speeds ups your transactions in less than 2-3 seconds of execution, with just 2 blocks confirmation to ledge

Private Send

Qnode Private Send gives you true financial privacy by obscuring the origins of your funds with at-least two users tx without loss.

Low Fees

The fees to transact QnodeCoin are very low, making them suited for a wide range of use cases such as point-of-sale transactions.

PoSe (MN)

Proof of Service functionality provides high-level security as masternode service. All MN owners shares 55% block Rewards.


Qnode Core interoperability was developed to permit blockchain iteration to selected DEXES


QnodeCoin is an X11 fork with high security and Privacy encryption for anonymity. Privacy is security

Write Us: helpdesk@qngnode.cc


Tokenized project on wavesplatform
Issued Asset: QCASH (2018 - 2019) 100%
Launch of QNC Blockchain in Q1, 2020
Product Core-Wallets & Explorer 100%
Andriod (Qnode) Multi Wallet
P2P Mobile Wallets for Andriod Users in Q2 100%
Buzzin Marketing in Q2
Communty Expansion Marketing 90%
Swap, Exchanges, & Hubs integration (Q2, 20)
Swap (done), & others (Inprogress) Q1 - Q2 90%
QNC (v2.0) UPGRADE in Q2/Q3, 2020
Upgrading to X11 (0.14 source) Protocol 100%
Dex Iteration Gateways in Q2-Q3, 2020
Interoperability with Waves (Q2) & Turtle Network (Q3)
Electrum Wallet upgrade to v2.0 in Q1, 2021
P2P Mobile (Android & iOS) Wallet
Outsourcing for Native exchange & Launch
Quone Native Exchange in Q2 - Q3, 2021
Building Vendors Community & Instant Exchange Partnerships in Q2/Q3, 2021
Launch of Vendors hub
Integrating SMS Payment, More Development & Partnerships (Q4, 2021)
More Development