It's Qnode Protocol

QnodeCoin Protocol offers you an opportunity to take control over your finances, participate in a distributed Blockchain DAO, participate in governance and generate a passive income through mining, master-nodes and yield farming.

Understanding the Protocol

The Protocol is an evolving tech development, which comprises of a native blockchain (QnodeCoin) & its DeFi Layer as a sidechain on Binance Smart Chain Network for Incentivized Nodes & Algorithmic Governance. The native chain is algorithmically interoperable with BSC Network.

X11 - Native Chain

The Backing Algorithmic Blockchain
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Coin Specification

Native Coin: QnodeCoin
Ticker: QNC
Algorithim: X11 - PoW (v2.0)
Consensus: PoW + PoSe (MN)
Final Supply: 24,624,000 QNC
MN Collateral: 20,000 QNC
Block Reward: 50 QNC/Block
Max. Block Per Day: 288 Blocks/Day
Block Halving: At 210,240 Blocks
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Waves GateWay

Smart Contract Chain

Governance DeFi Protocol
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Token Specification

Name(Ticker): Qnode.Defi (QND)
Decimal 8 /
Network: BSC (BEP20)
BSC Contract Address:
0x10473b19567910d437072ead2e5228c6fce88633 Mintable Supply:7,695,000 QND
Strategy: PoW-Smart Contract
Chain Ratio: 0.3125 QND/QNC
Bridge (Min): 1562.5 QND = 5000 QNC
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Algo Bridge

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