We're, Building
an Enterprise EXCHANGE...

We aspire for better leadership, transparency, decentralized community efforts and secured trading platforms.
Quone'Xchange shall be launching as one of the leading Digital Assets Exchange around soon.

What is QSIP?

QSIP - Quonex Special Investors Program is a limited investment offer program deployed by the Quantum Node Group (QNG) to raise funds for the development of QUONE EXCHANGE.

Goals of QSIP?

As a non-Ico project, we consistently depends on team capability to deploy new product features.
Below are intended goals of QSIP:

1. To raise funds for the development of QUONEX
2. Implement Buy Back from team intermittently on native exchange.
3. To inject steady volume.
4. To list QNC on new Exchange based on cmc
5. To implement Instant swap reserved on Qnode Wallet.
6. Develop better marketing campaign reaching 20k-100k users.